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Are you looking for courses before February 2021? short-term course schedule can be found here.....
February 2021 March 2021 April 2021 May 2021 June 2021
Professional Deck & Navigation Courses
iymcs Master 200GT/Mate 500GT™
Mon 22/02-04/03   Mon 19/04-28/04   Mon 14/06-24/06
iymcs Maritime Business & Law -Level I
Operational for Master 200 Tons/Mate 500 Tons.
  Fri 05/03-06/03 Fri 29/04-30/04   Fri 25/06-26/06
iymcs Master 200GT/Mate 500GT™
  Thu 11/03-17/03   Thu 06/05-13/05  
iymcs Master 200GT Limited/Mate 500GT™
Practical (Sail)
  Thu 11/03-17/03   Thu 06/05-13/05  
iymcs UnLimited OOW Ocean Astro™ Theory & Practical Mon 08/02-17/02 Mon 22/03-31/03 Tue 06/04-15/14 Mon 17/05-26/05 Tue 01/06-10/06
Oral Examination Preparation Courses;
Oral Prep -STCW Master 200 Tons/Mate 500Tons (MCA)
Oral Prep -STCW OOW 1600/3000Tons (MCA, MI)
Professional Tender & High Speed Courses
iymcs Yacht-Tender Crew 15m™
(Alternative to Powerboat II)
High Speed Radar Navigation Class VIII
February 2021 March 2021 April 2021 May 2021 June 2021
STCW Safety Courses
STCW Basic Safety 78/2010(English)
STCW Basic Safety 78/2010 (Swedish)
STCW Advanced Fire Fighting 78/2010;(English)
STCW Advanced Fire Fighting 78/2010;(Swedish)
STCW Advanced Rescue Craft;(English)
STCW Advanced Rescue Craft;(Swedish)
GMDSS Radio Courses 
iymcs Radio Marine Com + SRC/DSC A1   Mon 08/03-09/03   Mon 03/05-04/05 Mon 28/06-29/06
iymcs GMDSS ROC + SATCOM module
Interior & Chefs Courses
iymcs Cosmopolitan Steward/ess Course™ -Level I
iymcs Cosmopolitan Steward/ess Course™ -Level II
Instructor & Teacher Training Courses
iymcs Recreational Instructor Training Course          
iymcs Professional Teacher Training Course  
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