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Who are Harrison Maritime Associates?
Originally founded by Roger Harrison (ex 7 East Yachts-Antibes), we are a professional super yacht consultancy. As professional consultants, we are active in four main areas;

Yacht Owner Consultancy
Yacht Brokerage Consultancy
Yacht Charter Consultancy
Yacht Training Consultancy

Do I need a Client Representative Broker?
The majority of owners that are wishing to sell their super-yacht will often be represented by a "Central Sales Broker" or "Central Yacht Agent" often known as CSB/CYA. Their job is to represent the interests of the owner and obviously sell the boat on the best possible terms for the owner.
Our job as Client Representative Broker is simply to negotiate with the CSB/CYA the best possible terms for our client. The relationship we have with the CSB/CYA is on-going and friendly, we are frequently in long discussions about a particular boat. The objective is to try to have two happy owners from a sale; the ex-owner and the new owner.

Surely I can do this myself as a client?
You can, but good negotiating as we all know is based upon a knowledge base. As a client, you may not be able to get the right information to enable you to form a logical decision. As your Client Representative Broker, we can gain access to information due to our differing business activities. Boats are often bought by clients upon emotional feelings and values, there is nothing wrong in this however just having an independent advisor to look upon the purchase purely from a technical and analytical point of view is important for our clients when purchasing an expensive super yacht.

Welcome to Harrison Maritime Associates!

Are you looking to buy a yacht over 18 meters (50 Feet)?
If you are considering it, then we would like to act as your "Client Representative Broker" (CRB). On your behalf, we will search worldwide for a selection of yachts that meet your criterias as close as possible, and send to you personalised presentations of any suitable yachts for your consideration.

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What do we do for you as a client?
Our principle role is to act as a "Client's Representative Broker" or commonly known as CRB, where we represent and advise the client from an independent and un-biased prospective. We have no interest if the client buys one boat or another. We look upon each boat analytically from a financial and technical point of view.

Can you negotiate a good price for a boat?
It depends on the boat and the current owner. The purchase price is without question a very important factor, but often what appears a good deal at the time can prove very expensive later on. In many cases these days, the purchase price appears to be so much lower than the asking price but the real costs to look at, is the maintenance and the annual running costs. As your Client Representative Broker, this is our job to analysis the potential costs and to establish the real estimated cost of ownership over a period of time.

What about your fees?

Our fees and costs for all the work we do as your Client Representative Broker are paid from the brokerage fees that are earned from the sale of a boat to you. These fees we claim from the CSB/CYA.

Your after-sales support & management?
As your Cient Representative Broker, we continue to work with you after purchasing your boat, we offer full management service and after-sales support.

Contact us at info@harrisonmaritime.com or telephone France +33 (0)493 999 059.
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